Call for Volunteers for 2018

Volunteers are  needed for the following 2018 events.  This is your chance to make the luncheons, business meetings and rallies be what you want them to be!  Give us a chance to experience what YOU love to do.  Let our president, Stuart Bacon, (email know so he can add it to the schedule

  • February & March luncheon sponsors.   For new people, this just means you pick a location, decide whether we have a pot-luck or order from the menu, and show up to greet members.  
  • May Business rally sponsor.  For new people, this just means pick a weekend camping location, plan some activities and play cat herder to get us all where we need to be at the right time.  
  • August Rally sponsor.  For new people, simply share with others the fun and exciting places you have discovered!  Plan a camping trip (2 or 3-day weekend or weekday, or longer) with activities and we will show up!  Mary Johnson will be happy to help you with ideas and planning, if you have never done this before.  Call Mary at 937-974-5539. 

Remember we are a 100% volunteer club.  This is OUR club and it is what we make of it.  

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